RGB Racing Achievements

The RGB Racing Team has had many memorable wins over the years but the most astounding and satisfying has to be the Battle of the Twins final at Donington in 1982, when the late Bob Smith carrying the number 1 plate as current British Champion won the race and the title against the high class opposition, which included Tony Rutter on a works Ducati, and He didn't just win, it was complete annihilation, leading by almost half a lap as he passed the chequered flag.

No one who was there at the time will ever forget what a thrill it was to see a humble all-British twin showing the modern best from Japan and Italy the way home. Yet this seemingly unlikely scenario is exactly what happened in the early 1980s when the late Bob Smith started riding Gary Bryan's mighty RGB-Weslake in Battle of the Twins races.

Over the years, Gary has built a series of one-off race bikes whose exemplary standard of preparation would have done credit to a professional Grand Prix team.

Bob Smith wins The Battle of The Twins Race at Donington Park in 1982

Twins take Off - Article from Classic Bike Magazine November 1982

Download the article "Twins Take Off " as a PDF file - Note that this is a 10Mb file
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Racer Test of the 925cc RGB Weslake - Classic Bike Magazine, November 1983

Classic Bike Racer Test 925cc RGB Weslake November 1983

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My Bonnie Rides Over The Ocean - How a rather special Triumph Bonneville put one over on the Japs - Story by Alan CathcartRGB's Success in Japan

The RGB-Weslake was also raced successfully in Japan by Tetsu Ikuzawa's team, winning the Japanese BoTT Championship in 1986.

Read about it in this article by Alan Cathcart has been reproduced from Superbike Magazine - February 1987:

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RGB Wasp - Classic Bike Magazine - December 1990

Classic Bike magazine Article "Sting of the Wasp"

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FLOAT LIKE AN RGB, STING LIKE A WASPRGB Wasp Racer Test - British Bike Magazine, December 1991

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